Top 5 Best Tattoo Shop & Artists in Ho Chi Minh City

Do you intend to get a tattoo for the first time to mark a beautiful memory, an indelible mark in your life, a concept, your philosophy of life, or simply for the sake of art? So let's take a look at the most beautiful and prestigious tattoo art addresses in Ho Chi Minh City!

Where to get tattoo in Ho Chi Minh City ?

  1. SaigonTattoo Club

SaigonTattoo Club


Known as one of the oldest tattoo art addresses in Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon Tattoo Club has a team of Artists possessing high technical and fine art skills with the working motto: "Dedicated, meticulous. in each work, because each tattoo has an essential meaning to the customer."

Artist Bo Tree founded Saigon Tattoo Club, one of the rare Artists in Vietnam who is a member of the Cheyenne Tattoo Team (Germany's No. 1 tattoo company). He specializes in performing tattoos at major Tattoo festivals organizations at home and abroad.


Gathering many talented Artists through many years of operation, Saigon Tattoo Club is trusted and sponsored by significant tattoo machine and ink companies globally, including Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment (Germany) and the company. Radiant Colors ink (USA).

Saigon Tattoo Club has made thousands of beautiful and meaningful tattoos for customers with many categories: Text tattoos, mini tattoos, pattern tattoos, Maori tattoos, portrait tattoos, flower tattoos for women, style tattoos European, Asian way for men, cover tattoo, cover scar.

This place also provides various services, including Tattoo art, Body piercing, Tattoo removal, Supplying wholesale and retail piercing tools of all kinds. Customers will easily choose many benefits such as: only at Saigon Tattoo Club.

In particular, Studio with an excellent green space will bring a different and comfortable experience to customers. The criteria of hygiene and ensuring health are always the number one priority in all activities of Saigon Tattoo Club. Tools and equipment are invested very carefully, originating from European and American countries to ensure absolute hygiene and safety.

One of the outstanding advantages of SaigonTattoo Club is entirely free tattoo design and consultation support based on the wishes and ideas of customers, giving customers the best tattoos.

Best tattoo artist Ho Chi Minh

P/s : Tattoo prices Ho Chi Minh City ? (Prices range from $300 to $1,000 depending on the piece.)

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