Top 5 Ha Long markets for specialty sales

Ha Long Bay is a famous tourist destination of Vietnam, located on the west coast of the Gulf of Tonkin in the Northeast Sea of Vietnam. Ha Long Bay is recognized by UNESCO as a natural heritage of the world. Not only diverse in landscape, but Ha Long is also very famous for "rare and hard to find" specialties. The following article will immediately reveal to you "the specialty Ha Long markets that are extremely affordable."

Ha Long Market 1 – The commercial hub of Quang Ninh province 

Ha Long Market 1 is the largest in the city regarding area and diversity of goods. But the most impressive thing here is the fresh seafood area. Moreover, the road to here is convenient, the location is not too far from Bai Chay tourist area, so the number of tourists flocking here is enormous and frequent. 

The market is divided into two areas: indoor and outdoor. The outdoor area is a "fresh seafood paradise," this place also has stalls selling Ha Long specialties, seafood restaurants, and snacks for tourists. The indoor area consists of 4 floors: 1st and 2nd floors sell souvenirs, handicrafts, electronics; 3rd and 4th floors are footwear and clothing items. 

What should I buy at the market? Seafood and squid rolls. Because it is located right next to Hon Gai port, the seafood source here is always rich and fresh. In addition, the market is also famous for grilled squid, a favorite place to buy it is at the Thon squid shop at Kiosk 36-37. 

Because here serve many tourists, the price is relatively high, remember to bargain before buying. Especially should recheck the weight because there have been many cases of tourists underweight. 



  • Address: Bach Dang Street, Ha Long, Quang Ninh
  • Opening hours: 6:00am - 6:30pm

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