Top 5 addresses to have the best Ao Dai (long dress) of your own in Hanoi

When it comes to Ao Dai, people immediately think of Vietnamese women. In our country, everyone owns at least an item of Ao Dai, and the desire to find a beautiful Ao Dai is a significant concern. Then tourists coming to Vietnam also tend to own one as a souvenir. Let's find out some beautiful Ao Dai sewing addresses in Hanoi below.

Ao Dai Thuy Linh

Thuy Linh Garment Factory is a shop specializing in sewing both traditional and innovative Ao Dai. Many choose the address for a reasonable price and time-saving. It is famous for many years of experience, with a design and tailoring team of more than 30-year experience. Therefore, they know how to shape the shirt so that each Ao Dai has its features and is exceptionally soft and flexible.

Thuy Linh garment factory also has dedicated and experienced consultants. They will recommend customers who come here to choose the right Ao Dai style suitable for their body shape. The expert team is always ready to serve 24/7 and fix each customer's dissatisfaction until customers are delighted. Not only good quality but the price is always reasonable. The workshop accepts even one item ordered.

  • Address: No.179 Ton Duc Thang Street, Cat Linh Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi
  • Hotline: 0796 380 331
  • Price: 250000 VND ($10,86)

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