Top 5 most famous delicious restaurants in Ha Long

Choosing Ha Long as the journey's destination, you can visit the beautiful bay and explore the famous caves. However, it will be remiss if you skip enjoying the delicious specialties of the sea here. Let's review some of the best restaurants in Ha Long in the article below.

Cua Vang Restaurant (Golden Crab Restaurant)

Cua Vang stands out with its large ground area and luxurious design with three light floors. Proud to be the only Restaurant in Vietnam with the hot pot of Golden Crab, Braised Sea Crab with bamboo shoots, or specially cooked Sea Crab and other fresh seafood dishes. In addition to the above unique words, you can find European and Asian dishes with excellent quality prepared by the most talented chefs. With the capacity to serve 250 guests simultaneously, Crab Vang restaurant is an ideal place for parties for large groups of guests with an airy, luxurious and cozy space. 


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