Top 5 specialties of Da Nang should buy

At the end of your Da Nang trip, you are looking for small gifts to give as gifts? It is challenging to bring home Quang noodles, bun mam, or banh xeo, but rest assured because this beautiful coastal city still has many Da Nang dry specialties full of typical flavors here. Let's take a look at the most famous things here!

  1. Squid with tamarind in Da Nang
  2. Half dried cuttlefish
  3. Specialty dried deer
  4. My Khe seaweed
  5. Sesame dried cake Ba Lieu

Squid with tamarind in Da Nang


This dish is a delicious, attractive and most sought-after seafood specialty among the specialties bought as gifts by tourists. The product has a strong salty taste, is crunchy, and is made by soaking sugar, fresh tamarind, chili, and fish sauce to infuse evenly and then place the mixture on the fire, stirring many times as the product does not burn. Da Nang squid with tamarind deserves to be the number 1 specialty among the specialties here. 

Reference price: 145,000 VND/500gr (6.31 USD)

Half dried cuttlefish


Because it is a coastal area, Da Nang is also a famous place for half-dried cuttlefish specialties. After catching and processed cleanly, people will dry it once under the sun to keep the freshness, softness, sweetness, and characteristic aroma of sea squid.

To get such a delicious and sweet batch of squid, people will have to wash the squid with seawater and then bring it out to dry in the sun, where there is the most light to dry and still dry be kept taste. 

Note, only expose the squid enough once time; avoid exposing it many times.

Reference price: 490,000 VND/1 kg (21.31 USD)

Specialty dried deer


You should not miss one more specialty in Da Nang dry deer, products provided from deer farms in the vicinity. This dish is relatively new and different, making a big difference compared to other typical specialties.

You can buy dried deer as a gift because the product is processed according to a clean process, ensuring food hygiene and safety. Moreover, the product is very delicious but not as greasy as grilled deer.

Reference price: 183,000 VND/250gr (7.96 USD)

My Khe seaweed


Originating from the waters of My Khe, Son Tra, Da Nang province, My Khe seaweed is famous as a specialty loved by many people and chosen as a gift or bought for family use.

The product can clear body heat, which is very suitable for cooking soup, stir-frying, or making salad rolls, especially on hot summer days like this. Like Korean seaweed, My Khe seaweed can also create fresh and convenient dishes such as kimbap, seaweed soup, and a very healthy body and valuable in beauty.

Reference price: 77,000 VND/100gr (3.35 USD)

Sesame dried cake Ba Lieu


Ba Lieu sesame dry cake is a famous dish in Da Nang and is very sought after by tourists. This snack is one of the heirloom specialties of the coastal city of Da Nang. It is also an unforgettable dish because of the deliciousness, crunchiness, and sponginess combined with the irresistible sweetness of the people of Quang Da.

Reference price: 32,000 VND/250gr (1.39 USD)
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