5 Best Da Lat dishes

Da Lat is the most famous tourist city in Vietnam. Not only known for its poetic beauty, but Da Lat also has many delicious dishes, leaving a solid impression in the hearts of tourists. Let's discover five dishes must-try when coming to the flower city!

Can Cake


Can cake is a type of crispy cake made of rice flour. People pour flour into many small molds on a terracotta stove. This dish is a famous cake in the South Central region. However, unlike Nha Trang or Ninh Thuan Can cake, which often includes fish sauce or soy sauce, Da Lat Can cake has seasoning sauce or rich shumai sauce. In addition to the traditional Can cake with only flour, there is also Can cake with chicken or quail eggs. What could be better than sitting around the cozy Can cake oven enjoying hotcakes and rich shumai balls during the cold weather? In Da Lat, Can cakes are sold everywhere on every street, but the most famous shop is probably Nha Lang - 15 Nguyen Bieu slope cake shop.

Reference price: 

  • Regular cake: 15,000 - 20,000 VND/ 5 pairs of cakes (0.65-0.87 USD)
  • Cake with eggs: 20,000 - 30,000 VND/ 5 pairs of cakes (0.87-1.30 USD)

Reference address:

  • 27/44 Yersin
  • 15A Nguyen Bieu
  • 1 Nha Chung (next to the Chicken Church)
  • 56 Tang Bat Ho

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