Top 5 best foods in Hanoi Old Quarter

36 streets from the past to the present have been famous for many delicious restaurants and the Hanoi food markets right on the sidewalk, loved not only by Vietnamese but also by foreign tourists. Let's do a local food tour in Hanoi to find out which restaurant brands they are!

  1. Pho Bat Dan (Phở Bát Đàn)

Pho Bat Dan (Phở Bát Đàn)

One of the best foods in the Hanoi Old Quarter is Pho Bat Dan. Come to eat Pho Bat Dan; you will relive the atmosphere of the subsidy period: queue yourself, carry yourself, serve, find a seat. The shop is always crowded with people waiting for their turn to buy, especially in the morning. Pho Bat Dan is the original Hanoi Pho with fragrant, clear broth, soft pink fresh beef. In general, the bowl of Pho looks very complete. 

It attracts many people, not only citizens living around or office workers but also foreign tourists. 

Every Hanoian visitor to Hanoi must visit Bat Dan Pho to truly enjoy the most authentic Pho flavor. It's great to eat a bowl of rare Pho with 1 cup of raw eggs, lots of meat, rich water. Honestly, it's better than Pho at Ly Quoc Su restaurant system. At weekends or during peak hours, in the evening or in the morning, diners have to queue, pay and then bring the bowl of Pho to the table. 

If you want to eat bagel twists, you can order and pay yourself. The shop does not introduce or serve at the table. Despite being so crowded, no customers have complained about the restaurant, from the service to the food quality. The Pho is chewy but soft, white, and fragrant with the new rice aroma, delicious. Moreover, it has not only naturally sweet broth but also fresh beef, eaten with cilantro. All the spices mixed together, with a few more sticks, it's really great, isn't it? 


  • Address: 49 Bat Dan, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi 
  • Opening hours: 06:00 - 10:00 | 18:00 - 20:30 
  • Reference price: 30.000 VND - 55.000 VND (~ 1,3 USD - 2,39 USD)

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