Top 5 the best egg coffee in Hanoi

Egg coffee is one of the highlights of Hanoi cuisine. When visiting the capital, many people will want to try this exceptional coffee to know the unique taste of egg coffee. Not difficult to drink like black coffee or brown coffee, egg coffee is a kind of coffee that is relatively easy to drink for everyone. However, making a delicious cup of egg coffee without being fishy is not an easy thing. Therefore, we would like to bring you the top 10 egg cafes in Hanoi with the most standard and affordable prices for your reference.

  1. Giang Café

Giang Café 


Giang Cafe is the origin of this unique and delicious egg coffee. The creator of this particular coffee is also the owner of this cafe. It is also for that reason that this is the first and most famous egg cafe in Hanoi. If you are looking for a place to sell delicious egg coffee, surely Giang cafe will be the first recommended store.

The egg coffee at Giang cafe has an intense taste of coffee and the distinct aroma of egg yolk plus a little bit of greasy fresh cream. All those flavors, when combined, have created a strangely attractive drink that captivates many coffee lovers. It is this drink that has brought Hanoi cuisine to a new level.

Coming to Giang cafe, in addition to egg coffee, you can enjoy egg cocoa or sip a cup of matcha in a very chill space. If you are a person who is afraid of drinking coffee because of its bitter taste, egg coffee will change your mind. Try this very famous egg cafe in Hanoi, Giang cafe, to experience it!

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