Top 5 most beautiful villages in Sapa you should visit in 2021

Ta Phin Village - The place to keep the most ancient things in Sapa

About Ta Phin Village Sapa 

About 14 km from Sapa town in the direction of Lao Cai city, Ta Phin village is home to the Red Dao ethnic group. Ta Phin village is located in a valley with four mountains, but it is pretty vast and flat.

This place is famous for its herbal baths, creating the brand "Dao Do herbal bath." When walking around Sapa town, you will see many massage shops with herbal bath services coming from here. 

You should note that do not wear undyed white linen clothes when visiting the visit because this color is symbolized for the funeral. Besides, when the host invites you to drink water or wine if you refuse, you should have a tactful word to The host understands, sympathizes. Remember, do not put the bowl on the table. Only the priest is allowed to do so to drive away evil spirits.

Today, Ta Phin village is one of the thriving villages of homestay tourism. In addition to visiting ancient towns and caves, visitors can experience bathing in medicinal herbs, buy brocade products, or enjoy unique dishes served by restaurants here.

What does Ta Phin Sapa have?

Near Ta Phin village, there is Ta Phin cave. The cave's mouth is about 5m high, 3m wide, there is a path through the ground. In the cave, visitors will see a rock like a young woman holding a baby, stones like fairies, some places like giant raspberries. At the broadest home in the cave, stalactites hang down like undulating, undulating, jade-colored glitter. Going deep, we meet a large rock lying slightly on the side. The stone floor is imprinted with chicken feet. Right at the top of the suitable rock, there are also indentations like horseshoes. A cliff opposite, French inscriptions are engraved with complex objects. To this day, even though the dust of time has covered it, we can still read it. Ta Phin Cave has many mysteries to us that need to be protected and preserved.

On Highway 4D to Lao Cai city, about 4 km out of Sa Pa town, there is a fork turning into a small asphalt road, going a bit will meet a toll station. Each person has a ticket of 20.000 VND (~0,87 USD). Continue running for about 18 more kilometers to reach Ta Phin village. 

In many sections, the car drives along the hillside. The two sides are green terraced fields. The winding areas hug the back of the hill, creating soft curves, gliding like ripples in the valley. Far away on the horizon, on the rocky slopes, are green patches of cornfields. The poetic scenery helps us forget the fear of this long "suffering road"! 

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