Top 5 most beautiful villages in Sapa you should visit in 2021

Lao Chai village - Sapa village has majestic mountain scenery 

About Lao Chai Sapa 

Lao Chai village is a village of the Black Hmong ethnic group, located 7-8 km southeast of Sapa town. Visitors can come to the Lao Chai table from Sapa without spending too much time traveling. Coming to Lao Chai village, visitors can interact and learn about the culture and customs of ethnic minorities in the North. Lao Chai is a village consisting of three large villages with more than 100 households of the Black Hmong ethnic group.

Lao Chai is the village with the most charming scenery in Sapa. It leans back against the majestic Hoang Lien Son range, in front of the Muong Hoa stream flowing through and the vast terraced fields.

From the high point of the main road 8 km long from Sapa town to the village, visitors can admire a panorama of Lao Chai village. Behind the city are high mountains and facing the river. The Hmong people in this village make their living by intensive rice farming in the lowlands near the foot of the valley. It is considered their primary source of income besides growing corn on the mountainside behind the village.

What does Lao Chai Sapa have? 

Black Hmong communities still keep a lot of traditional customs, especially child marriage. Most Black Hmong households live off crops and land and rely solely on income from selling textiles and garments at local markets. Only when buying livestock or household items makes the Black Hmong need money because most of their food is grown and raised by themselves. Coming to Lao Chai village, visitors will experience the culture, customs, and life of the Black Hmong ethnic people. It is also an excellent chance to admire the typical images of terraced fields of the Northern mountainous region. 

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