Top 5 most beautiful villages in Sapa you should visit in 2021

Ta Van village

About Ta Van Sapa 

Along with Cat Cat village, Ta Van Sapa village is also a destination that is very popular with young people to explore. Ta Van is a small village in Ta Van commune, Sapa district, Lao Cai province. This place is only about 10km from the center of Sapa tourist town. Without the high-rise buildings, without the city's smog, Ta Van has a simple romantic scene with the high blue sky, terraced fields of vast ripe rice, the rustic cottages, and small dirt roads strewn with wildflowers on both sides. All create a strange and peaceful upland picture.

Overcome Lao Chai village 3 km will come to Ta Van village, where the Giay ethnic community lives. Located in a valley with the Muong Hoa stream flowing through, the terraced fields here are gorgeous. Lao Chai combined into a common name for a tourist destination, "Lao Chai - Ta Van," visiting Lao Chai must-visit Ta Van and vice versa.

What does Ta Van Sapa have? 

Ta Van is the most muscular homestay development and has the most homestays for rent in Sapa. Visiting Ta Van, tourists can also stop here for lunch at local restaurants. 

You can go to Ta Van Sapa village by car or motorbike. However, many self-sufficient Sapa tourists prioritize motorbikes because you will walk while watching the romantic scenery and inhaling the fresh air here. Besides, Ta Van is mainly tiny roads, so large passenger cars will also be challenging to move. Rent a motorbike in the town center and ask them directly for directions to Ta Van.

It's hard to say what the Ta Van Sapa tour will bring you. What I can be sure of is just a trip to find peace. As I said, Ta Van does not have high-rise hotels, restaurants, modern homestays, and magical check-in points. Ta Van has a much more idyllic and wild beauty. The houses here are usually made of wood or houses. Household items are also made of wood. Without much influence from modern life, the people here make the most of everything that nature offers. 

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