Top 5 most magnificent waterfalls in Da Lat

Tiger Cave Waterfall (Thac Hang Cop)


Located in the middle of the vast green pine forest, about 15km from Da Lat, this waterfall seems relatively modest, isolated, and quiet.

This waterfall used to bring the majestic beauty of many waterfalls in the windy land. Experiencing many ups and downs, now, Tiger Cave waterfall has transformed and become an attractive tourist destination in Da Lat with its salty beauty.

From the foot of the waterfall, looking up, visitors will see a majestic waterfall pouring vertically from a height of more than 20m. Around the water are undulating ledges dyed with the color of time and challenging the conquest of visitors.

In particular, at the foot of the waterfall, there is a deep and wide cave with beautiful scenery and thrilling legends that attract many tourists.

Address: Tuy Son hamlet, Xuan Tho commune, Da Lat city
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