Top 5 most beautiful villages in Sapa you should visit in 2021

Sin Chai village

About Sin Chai Sapa 

One of the most extraordinary things about traveling to Sapa is wild beauty, tinged with the time of the ancient villages. Most of the towns in Sapa keep their rustic and simple features intact, but the most romantic and rural village is Sin Chai. Going through Cat Cat village about 2 km, you will reach Sin Chai village. However, it is located quite close to Sapa town. It is not as touristy as other villages. It is an ideal place for tourists who want to observe and learn about the life of the indigenous Black Hmong people.

Sin Chai village (or Xin Chai) is "embraced in the heart" by the Hoang Lien Son range, located at the foot of the mountain, creating a "very poetic" scene in the middle of the wild mountains. As one of the villages with the largest area in Sapa, Sin Chai village is increasingly attracting many domestic and foreign tourists.

What does Sin Chai Sapa have? 

People often visit Sin Chai village when the rice is ripe, from September to October every year. At this time, vast space is full of the color of ripe rice, captivating people's hearts. Who visits Sin Chai village once but does not bring back a lot of inconsolable memories.

The Hmong's typical wooden-walled houses are located right next to the minor road that runs from the beginning to the end of the village. The road is wide enough for only one motorbike to pass. Although the terraced fields around the town are not magnificent, they have unique rice season features. When is the best season to travel to Sapa? 

When is the best time to go to Sin Chai village? It is tough to have an exact and complete answer because each person will have a different feeling about Sapa. However, there are still a few golden times that many people spread the word the most: May, June, September, and October. 

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