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What To Eat In Ninh Binh?

Not only famous for tourist destinations. But Ninh Binh also makes tourists love by attractive specialties. If you are not sure what to eat in Ninh Binh, please note our suggestions as below. 

Ninh Binh Fire Rice

If you have come to Ninh Binh, you definitely have to enjoy burnt rice. This is also considered an extremely attractive Ninh Binh specialty ensures that once you have enjoyed. You will feel forever, so but the ancients had the phrase “fine wine, burnt rice, goat meat” when it comes to the ancient cuisine.

Ninh Binh fire rice is processed manually and according to an heirloom recipe. There are many different types of elderberry. Such as elderberry, dried shrimp, etc. Especially, if you visit the delicious restaurants in Ninh Binh, you will definitely enjoy this attractive dish along with delicious goat soup.

Specialties Of Goat Dishes

One of the most mentioned dishes when visiting Ninh Binh is probably the goat meat. Goat meat is processed into many different dishes. Such as goats meet cook with lemon, goat soup served with fire rice, fried goat …

In Ninh Binh, it is not too difficult for you to find yourself a delicious goat meat restaurant. Especially near those famous sightseeing places.

Above are some of the special highlights of Ninh Binh travel guide to help you have the most general knowledge before coming to explore this land.

Ninh Binh, Vietnam - I hope you know more about it now

Ninh Binh is a hidden gem; it holds some of the most creative natural structures around. It is a bit different from Halong Bay. Want to know more about Ninh Binh's attractions, like hot springs and a botanical garden? Come and have a look at our Ninh Binh guide here.

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