2021-08-26, 06:00

5 Vietnamese businesses in the top 10 websites with the largest traffic in Southeast Asia

The top 5 out of 10 representatives in terms of traffic in 2020 are businesses from Vietnam, including The Gioi Di Dong, Tiki, Sendo, Bach Hoa Xanh, and FPT Shop.

2021-08-23, 08:54

Top 5 best coworking spaces in Ho Chi Minh

Office coworking space is gradually becoming a trend for those looking for a professional and connected workspace. Top Ten Reviews chooses for you 5 great coworking spaces in Ho Chi Minh. Let's consult now!

2021-08-22, 16:04

Top 5 best places to study Vietnamese in Hanoi

Every year, many foreigners come to Vietnam to work and live, increasing year by year. Most will need to learn Vietnamese because it is an important key to help foreigners break the language barrier. From there, it is

2021-08-22, 03:22

Forbes: Top 100 Asian small companies and startups worth following, Vietnam has 4 representatives

Forbes magazine has just announced the list of 100 small companies and emerging startups of the Asia-Pacific region. Vietnam has 4 startups on this list: Hoozing, Logivan, Lozi, and Med247.

2021-08-22, 03:18

Top 5 best coworking spaces in Hanoi

Coworking space is a seat rental service that increasingly attracts young people, pupils, students, startups, freelancers, etc. Besides leasing working seats, it also provides other benefits. Other accompanying services

2021-08-18, 17:38

Quang Binh Journey: Ticket price, time to visit, means of transport info...

Quang Binh tourism is a journey to the sunny and windy piece, where there are many famous scenic spots. It is blessed by nature with a series of caves that fascinate young adventurers and blue beaches stretching with

2021-08-16, 04:52

Top 10 Models of Innovative Ao Dai for Men

Besides the innovation of women's Ao Dai with all colors and designs, the Ao Dai men seems to be inferior when the colors and designs are somewhat more limited. But it's not that the innovation men's ao dai is not

2021-08-16, 04:40

Meaning of Kimono in Japanese culture

Each ethnic group has its own unique costume. If the Vietnamese are proud of the Ao Dai that emphasizes the beauty of the body curves, the Chinese women become slimmer with the cheongsam, while the Japanese women are

2021-08-15, 17:11

Traditional Chinese costumes through the dynasties

Each country has its own costume. This is a way to express the culture and national beauty. With a culture of thousands of years of history, China has carved apart the traditional costumes. Let's learn about the Chinese

2021-08-15, 16:44

The Non La (Palm-leaf conical hat) and the Ao Dai in Vietnamese Cultural Life

Associated with the cultural life of the Vietnamese people, once becoming the inspiration for many poetic works, the Non-La (Palm-leaf conical hat) and the Ao Dai have become a symbol of Vietnamese culture and the pride