2021-09-03, 18:42

Go to Hon Mun Island Nha Trang to discover the amazing world under the ocean

Hon Mun is known as one of the four most beautiful islands in Nha Trang next to Hon Tam Island, Tri Nguyen Island and Hon Mot Island. The island is located to the south of Hon Tre Island – where the famous Vinpearl Land

2021-09-03, 18:37

Travel experiences on Cai Chien island

Cai Chien is an island commune located in the south of the Hai Ha district, about 8km from Ghenh Vo port. The island’s natural area is about 2500 hectares, but most of it is hills and beaches. In recent years, the

2021-08-13, 13:42

Innovative Ao Dai: Origins, Trends, Latest, Best Models

Innovative Ao Dai (or modern Ao Dai) has led the hottest summer-autumn trend for the past few years and has not shown any signs of cooling down. This Ao Dai trend brings a new, modern, and luxurious style but still

2021-08-13, 02:20

Review: My tour to Pu Luong Retreat with infinity pool and terrace view

Pu Luong is a famous tourist destination in Thanh Hoa Province, also the hugest natural reservation in North Vietnam. On the trip, I checked in Pu Luong Retreat Resort and had a wonderful time here.

2021-08-12, 09:48

I visited Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park: All info for a best tour

Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park is a world natural heritage of pristine landscapes that the Creator has bestowed on the locals in Quang Binh Province, a Vietnamese land associated with historical heroic feats. The

2021-08-11, 00:18

Ha Giang backpacking tourism experiences in 2021

Suppose you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to set foot in the top land of the Fatherland. In that case, you will quickly realize that Ha Giang not only has Ma Pi Leng pass - one of the four great peaks of

ZTE Axon 7 Reviews and Ratings

The ZTE Axon 7 is a lot of phone for a lot less money than the competition. For $400 you get a premium metal design, a top-of-the-line processor, a Quad HD display, and support for all the major US carriers. There is no

2021-08-05, 05:33

My full review of 4 airline brands in Vietnam

Currently, there are four airlines in Vietnam operating international and domestic flights. So do you know anything about those airlines? I will give a full review below for you to refer to!

2021-07-31, 11:50

How to visit and discover Hon Tam Island in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam

Hon Tam Nha Trang or Thuy Kim Son Island is 7 km far from the center of Nha Trang City. Hon Tam Island has become an ideal Nha Trang tourist destination for those who love eco-tourism and relaxation. It still retains

2021-07-29, 15:18

Bat Trang Ceramic Village - a unique destination for one-day trip near Hanoi

Bat Trang is not a strange destination for young people who love the traditional culture of the Vietnamese ceramic village. Only less than 15km from the center of Hanoi, this is a highly ideal place for weekend picnics.