The Cheongsam - Chinese National Dresses

Traditional costumes are also the national spirit of a country as well as national pride. It shows the cultural origin of a person in society. If a person's life is only a few decades, the traditional costumes are hundreds of years old, even many thousands of years old. So they have a strong vitality and enrich that personality. We already know Vietnam's Ao Dai, Japan's Kimono. Let's learn about Cheongsam - China's national costume in the article below.

  1. What is a cheongsam?
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What is a cheongsam? 

If Vietnamese girls are incredibly gentle and elegant in Ao Dai, Chinese girls are charming and impressive in cheongsam outfits.

Cheongsam, also known as Cheongsam, is a kind of traditional Chinese costume. In the past, when Chinese dramas such as "New River Separation" and "Mandarin Season" were top-rated in Vietnam, people couldn't help but admire the beauty of the actresses in costumes. Cheongsam is very characteristic.

The very unique points in the design, the Cheongsam's structure, have given this outfit both elegant and graceful beauty.

  • Collar: There are collar types: high neck, low neck, or no collar.
  • Sleeves: There are different cheongsam sleeves: wide, narrow, or long sleeves, loose, short sleeves, or even sleeveless. 
  • Front bodice: Cheongsam jackets differ mainly in the front bodice. There are many ways to design the shirt's front body, such as a round slit, straight slit, diagonal slit, double slit, Pipa split... arbitrary. 
  • Button row: Designed diagonally to one side and running along one side. 
  • Sleeves: Depending on the type of Cheongsam, how many skirts are split. There are styles of Cheongsam that are sawn high, others are cut low, or there are styles that are not.

No matter how different the designs are, the Cheongsam enhances a woman's figure with a tight, discreet upper body when worn on the body. At the same time, the lower part is split to thigh level to create a graceful and graceful beauty. 

In particular, the front of the Cheongsam is embroidered or printed with traditional Chinese motifs such as patterns, spirals, peacocks, etc., depending on the design. 

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