History of egg coffee

How to enjoy egg coffee


Enjoying egg coffee must be enjoyed in a very personal way. As a pure Vietnamese coffee bearing Hanoi's character, enjoying it must also be "Hanoi." Egg coffee can be enjoyed cold or hot. There is nothing better than sipping a cup of hot egg coffee in the cold weather of Hanoi. Before enjoying, customers must use a small spoon to stir the cup of coffee around gently. Egg coffee cannot be drunk quickly but must be taken very slowly. Sip by sip to feel the blend of coffee and eggs.

If you have never tried egg coffee, you will be a little afraid of the fishy smell of eggs. Egg coffee is like a great discovery of the bartender, who would have thought that the egg taste mixed with the bitter taste of coffee could create such an excellent drink. No longer see the fishy taste of eggs. The bitter taste of coffee does not disappear but is still there, blended with the greasy, sweet but not harsh but very gentle and soft of eggs, sugar, butter, and milk. A harmonious, rustic flavor that is still very personal, very attractive to everyone's taste buds when enjoying.

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