The History of Vietnamese 'Ao dai'

Ao Dai Ngu Than (Áo dài Ngũ thân - King Gia Long's reign) 

Based on the four-body robe, in the reign of King Gia Long, the five-body shirt appeared. This type of shirt is often sewn with a small flap to symbolize the wearer's status in society. The aristocratic mandarin class often wore a five-body dress to distinguish it from the working classes in society.

The shirt has 4 flaps sewn into 2 flaps like ao dai. On the front flap, there is an extra flap as a discreet lining which is the 5th lap. This shirt style is sewn in a broad form, has a collar, and is very popular to the beginning of the twentieth century. 

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  1. Quang Vinh - 1 August 2021 08:09
    Like!! Thank you for publishing this awesome article.
  2. Ta Tony - 2 August 2021 17:44
    I flew Vietnam Airlines a few years ago and the stewardesses were all wearing a modernised version of the Ao Dai.
    They looked so beautiful that I kept ordering drinks so that they would walk by, and I could check them out! I was quite drunk when I eventually landed in Ho Chi Minh! Unfortunately it was just a transit stop for me, but I felt like I got a feel for the essence of Vietnam, just by seeing the Ao Dai!
    1. Chu Hai Yen - 2 August 2021 17:53
      Hi Tony , your story is really interesting, cannot imagine how drunken you were if your flight was to the other faraway land:-) The Ao Dai itself always boasts well the woman’s beauty, they even look more beautiful on the stewardesses as many of them are models and Miss Vietnam:-) Thank you for your story, i do like it:-) Cheers!
  3. Chu Hai Yen - 2 August 2021 17:51
    What an interesting post! I had no idea that Vietnam had an iconic dress, which is very beautiful. I found very interesting the history of dress and I loved that you put different pictures of the dress.
  4. Hiếu Bin - 4 August 2021 05:35
    a very interesting article. Thanks author!
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