History of egg coffee

How are egg coffee cups made?


The essential ingredients of a cup of egg coffee are coffee, sugar, milk, and fresh eggs everywhere.

In the past, egg coffee makers always used their own hands to beat egg yolks with sugar and milk. With the development of science and technology, coffee shops switch to using machines to whip egg yolks with milk, sugar, and butter. 

Coffee is brewed separately. It can be made with coffee with a traditional filter or with any coffee machine. Depending on the recipe, concentration, and time of each bartender, it creates a distinct flavor.

After the egg yolk is whipped to the right level, the barista will pour it directly into the whipped coffee cup. So a cup of egg coffee is completed.

Each coffee shop, each owner, each bartender has their own unique "secrets," the difference in each type of ingredient, the amount of ingredients, time, concentration, and Egg coffee in each restaurant has a different image, quality, and taste.

Here are the visual steps to make Vietnamese egg coffee:

  • Gather all your ingredients and brew 12 ounces of strong espresso style coffee. This is enough for 2 servings.
  • Add the egg yolk and sweetened condensed milk to a pitcher and whip with a hand blender.
  • Continue whipping until you have soft peaks and the volume will more than double.
  • Add the espresso to the 2 cups of coffee and then spoon on the whipped egg mixture over the top. Enjoy!

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