Noodles with shrimp paste (Bun dau mam tom) - the most interesting things about the culinary elite of Ha Noi

The right way to eat bun dau mam tom 


Bun dau mam tom is a specialty that any diners cannot ignore. However, to ensure food safety and hygiene, you should learn how to eat the most standard shrimp paste vermicelli below, whether at the store or homemade:

– Do not fry and re-fry fried beans many times, which can cause harmful substances. Shrimp paste is guaranteed to be freshly brewed and should be cooked with shrimp paste before eating.

– Check the ingredients before eating

– If you make your own at home, you need to pay attention to the labels of shrimp paste that need to know the origin and origin.

– In the following cases, you should not eat vermicelli with shrimp paste according to the recommendations of experts:

+ Women are pregnant because at this time, the pregnant woman's immune system is weak, so it is challenging to prevent harmful agents.

+ People with stomach and colon diseases

Children with vulnerable digestive systems

+ People who are sick have a fever

Coming to Ha Thanh, visitors from near and far cannot forget the taste of the famous shrimp paste noodle dish. It is not simply a traditional dish but imbued with the quintessential national cuisine that has helped them survive. Above is a guide on making the most delicious shrimp pasta noodles at home to show off your talents to invite friends and family to enjoy.

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