The History of Vietnamese 'Ao dai'

Traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai (from 1970 to present) 

Vietnamese ao dai has changed over the years with many designs and materials, from modern to disruptive. The Ao Dai is also transformed into a wedding dress, an innovative dress. But no matter what, the traditional ao dai of Vietnamese women still retains a relaxed, sexy, and discreet look that no other outfit can bring. 

Along with modern lifestyles' dynamic and changing trends, the traditional Ao Dai is stylized by designers with shorter skirts, changes in the collar, sleeves, or even the shirt or pants. Ao Dai gives Vietnamese women many choices. 


It is also because of this stylization that Vietnamese women wear Ao Dai more and more daily. You can see colorful Ao Dai with many new and unique designs in offices, sacred temples, or even when walking outside.

With such a long history of development, the Vietnamese Ao Dai has become more complete than ever. Ao Dai has become a symbol of culture, exalting the beauty of Vietnamese women. 

It can be said that the Ao Dai is not only an outfit representing an entire culture but also a constant inspiration of Vietnamese art. 

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  1. Quang Vinh - 1 August 2021 08:09
    Like!! Thank you for publishing this awesome article.
  2. Ta Tony - 2 August 2021 17:44
    I flew Vietnam Airlines a few years ago and the stewardesses were all wearing a modernised version of the Ao Dai.
    They looked so beautiful that I kept ordering drinks so that they would walk by, and I could check them out! I was quite drunk when I eventually landed in Ho Chi Minh! Unfortunately it was just a transit stop for me, but I felt like I got a feel for the essence of Vietnam, just by seeing the Ao Dai!
    1. Chu Hai Yen - 2 August 2021 17:53
      Hi Tony , your story is really interesting, cannot imagine how drunken you were if your flight was to the other faraway land:-) The Ao Dai itself always boasts well the woman’s beauty, they even look more beautiful on the stewardesses as many of them are models and Miss Vietnam:-) Thank you for your story, i do like it:-) Cheers!
  3. Chu Hai Yen - 2 August 2021 17:51
    What an interesting post! I had no idea that Vietnam had an iconic dress, which is very beautiful. I found very interesting the history of dress and I loved that you put different pictures of the dress.
  4. Hiếu Bin - 4 August 2021 05:35
    a very interesting article. Thanks author!
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